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What to know about an HOA

California residents who are thinking about buying a home should consider the presence of a homeowners association prior to closing on a property. For some, having an HOA is the only way that they would consider buying a home. However, others may balk at the thought of following an organization's rules. One positive of being part of a homeowners association is that common areas are maintained by someone else.

Neighbors feud after long construction project

Neighboring couples in California do not get along after one party to the dispute did work to her home over a two-year period. The noisy construction work lasted into the evening hours in some cases, and the Los Angeles Police Department had to be called many times. The neighbors have restraining orders against each other, and one woman says that the other has put vulgar words and messages on a balcony and in the front yard.

How light can cause conflict

California residents and others may find bright lights coming from a neighbor's house to be annoying. The good news is that homeowners can take action if a neighbor engages in what is known as light trespass. One way to reduce the odds of committing light trespass is to turn off lights when not in use or to use motion detectors.

California condo community trapped in construction dispute

Western Oaks Village, a 322-unit condominium complex in Novato, and its 121 members continue to be held in limbo by a dispute between a general contractor and a construction management firm. The contractor's claims of extortion against the management company and close to $2 million in mechanics' liens against the properties have made it impossible for residents to sell condos or refinance their mortgages for several years.

Tall trees cast long shadow on homeowner association rules

Homeowners in California who live in restricted residential areas may find themselves at odds with neighbors when accusations arise over perceptions in homeowner association rules. A prime example of this type of occurrence can be found in a case where neighborhood residents have taken legal action against other residents who are accused of allowing their trees to grow to excessive heights.

Steps HOAs can take to deal with covenant violations

Homeowners' associations are widespread throughout California. They are tasked with enforcing the standards and covenants of their communities, but their agents must tread carefully when confronted with the need to take direct action. An uncooperative homeowner might charge an association's agents with trespassing if they attempt to perform maintenance.

HOA dispute divides community over fence repair

California residents who live in a development subject to the conditions of a homeowners' association can find themselves in disputes with their neighbors or HOA board about major financial decisions. For example, there can be debates about particular properties and features in the neighborhood and whether they are the responsibility of the HOA or of individual property owners.

Iowa coach's neighbor dispute headed to court

In California, real estate disputes involving neighbors and homeowners' associations can often be lengthy and combative, with all parties feeling strongly about changes that can or cannot be made to their homes and properties. These can disrupt the fabric of social life in a closely-knit community.

Resolving conflicts related to trees

California residents may not like that a neighbor's tree crosses over to their property. However, they are only allowed to trim or cut the portion of the tree that is in their yard. People may not take steps to cut on their neighbor's property or destroy the tree itself. Furthermore, the fruit that a tree may create belongs to the owner of the tree regardless of where the fruit itself may be located.

Man forced to rehome dog after HOA dispute

California residents may use therapy dogs to help them cope with a variety of physical and mental health issues. However, one man said that he had to give up his dog after a dispute with the housing complex where he lived. Representatives of MS Homeowners Association claimed that the dog was a dangerous breed and that having the pet violated its rules. Though the pit bull was not registered as a service animal, it did provide emotional support for its owner.