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Man battling HOA blames harassment on racial discrimination

Homeowners' associations govern communities throughout California, and their covenants and rules sometimes inspire legal battles. A man living in one in another state has been battling his HOA for two years. His latest motion filed with his local court demands dismissal of the HOA's case. He also wants $1 million in damages for racial discrimination and family stress.

Lawsuit filed in American flag HOA dispute

Many California residents choose to live in planned communities with strict homeowner association rules covering issues ranging from the color of front doors to what type of vehicle owners can park in their driveways. These rules are designed to protect property prices and prevent unruly property owners or tenants from disrupting the community, but they sometimes prompt bitter disputes and protracted legal battles.

HOA dispute may result in jail time for homeowner

Some homeowners in California and other states have a love-hate relationship with homeowners' associations. HOAs can help maintain the appearance of a neighborhood, but disputes sometimes escalate and result in long, drawn-out battles. The latter is exactly what's happening with one man who has been having issues with his HOA over a shed on his property. He is now facing the possibility of jail time if he doesn't pay more than $3,000 in attorney fees.

Approaches that could resolve problems with noisy neighbors

Many people in California live in densely populated urban and suburban areas. Everyone expects some noise, but excessive disturbances that impact a person's quality of life could create tension between neighbors. When late-night parties or barking dogs irritate a person, a friendly or at least civil conversation with the noisy neighbor should be the first step.

Homeowners battle HOA to keep their paint color choices

Many communities in California observe aesthetic standards established by homeowners' associations. The paint colors chosen by one couple in another state has pitted them against the homeowners' association. Both parties suing each other and headed to trial. The HOA wants the homeowners to comply with the earth-tone color scheme mandated for the community and remove the multi-colored stripes that the couple painted on their home.

The connection between HOA woes and security clearances

These days, more potential employers and workers in California need to pass security clearances. One of the more unique factors that may be considered for security clearances is an individual's homeowner's association (HOA) disputes. The connection may seem a bit odd. However, it's not so unusual for HOA-related problems to be a contributing factor in clearance denial and revocation cases.

Homeowners seeking repairs two years after storm

Those who live in California may relate to the frustration that some Colorado residents are having. In May 2017, homes in Garrison Village experienced significant damage in a hail storm. Residents are still waiting for their homes to be completely repaired. Since the storm occurred, repairs have been made to roofs but not to siding or windows that were broken and battered in its aftermath.

Nature path garden leads to HOA dispute

People who live in Orange County communities with homeowners' associations and other types of governing boards may find that even pleasant enhancements lead to community disputes. For example, a family living near a desert nature walk and trail in Mesa, Ariz., are engaged in just such a battle over enhancements they have added between their backyard and the walking path. The nature trail is part of the Dreamland Villas Retirement Community, where the couple lives.

The impact of light on neighborhoods

Homeowners in California and elsewhere may find it to be annoying when light from a neighbor's house illuminates their properties as well. There are many ways in which the issue of light trespass can be resolved. The easiest solution could be to turn off lights when they are not in use. However, another solution may be to angle the lights toward the ground. If this isn't possible, a hood or shield can be used to restrict the area being illuminated.

Handling a noise complaint in a constructive manner

Disputes over noise aren't uncommon in situations where people live close together in an apartment complex or condo. However, California residents generally have a right to peace and quiet while at home. There are a few options that individuals may have when attempting to deal with a noisy neighbor. The first option is to simply explain the problem and work out a solution in a calm and reasonable manner.