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Couple takes on HOA in noise dispute

California residents may remember how elated they were to find their dream home. They might also know what it felt like to realize that their dream property was really a nightmare. One couple in Philadelphia thought that they had found their perfect home. Built in 1744, its historic roots were one of its selling points. However, an addition added in the 1960s creates noise that some find annoying.

California residents don't agree with new HOA rule

Those who live in the Auburn Hills complex in Auburn, California, are required to keep their garages open for eight hours each day. According to a notice to residents, garage doors must stay up between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays. Residents who fail to comply with the order may face a hearing and a $200 fine. The rule was put in place because it was discovered that people were sleeping in a resident's garage.

HOA dispute over tree removal becomes years-long battle

Many California homeowners live in areas and communities governed by homeowners' associations, or HOAs. Various aspects of the look and maintenance of a home or outdoor area can be governed by the rules laid down by the homeowners' association. These restrictions accompany the deed to the home, but many times, people find out just how intensive they can be years after their initial investment.

Jesus sign prompts neighbors to complain to HOA

Many residents in California are familiar with the restrictions imposed by homeowners' associations. Even decorations that people put up for the holidays can cause disputes. This recently happened in a Pennsylvania community where a husband and wife received a complaint about their Christmas display.

How to operate in an HOA setting

California residents and others that live in a property that's controlled by an HOA have several rights and responsibilities. For instance, they have the right to expect a timely response to any legitimate questions or concerns conveyed to the board. Rules and regulations should be applied equally to everyone, and anyone who is subject to discipline has the right to defend him or herself.

Homeowner associations and maintenance obligations

California residents who live in condominiums are typically subject to their homeowner association (HOA) regulations. One of the most confusing situations a homeowner may face is who is responsible for repairs and general maintenance. Laws and regulations may differ if the unit is a condominium rather than a planned unit development (PUD).

Neighbor disputes over barking dogs

Most California residents genuinely want to get along with their neighbors. On occasion, however, there are situations in which conflict arises between people who live near each other. If the parties cannot resolve the problem on their own, they may end up having to turn to their landlord, homeowners association, or condo board for help. From there, the landlord or managing board may seek legal remedies.

Can HOAs have rules banning people with criminal records?

Many Californians live in homes that are governed by homeowners associations. HOAs are able to set certain rules and guidelines that the covered homeowners are expected to follow. However, there are some rules that HOAs are unable to make.

Contention over American flag display

California residents dealing with a frustrating homeowners association might like to hear about a story involving one Florida veteran. When asked by his H.O.A. to remove an American flag wrap that covered his mailbox, he fought back. His fight with the Southwood Residential Community Association gained national attention.