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May 2019 Archives

Judge throws out unanimous HOA dispute verdict

Homeowners association disputes can be lengthy, tedious, and sometimes frustrating for anyone in California or any other state involved in this type of disagreement. Yet even when a homeowner prevails, there are times when decisions are reversed by another court. This is what has happened with a case involving an Idaho couple initially awarded $15,000 in punitive damages and $60,000 in compensatory damages because of a dispute involving an annual Christmas lights display.

Family sues HOA over backyard gathering spot dispute

Homeowners association disagreements can easily frustrate property owners from California to New York and all points in between, including a charming subdivision adjacent to a lake in Georgia. This is where one family involved with an HOA dispute resides. The problem started when the family's HOA nixed plans that the homeowners had to build a backyard gathering spot.

A dispute with a HOA can sometimes get personal

Many California residents live in communities run by homeowners' associations. The HOA and an individual owner could get in a dispute over a variety of issues, especially in regard to renovations, additions or new construction. Most disputes can be worked out through meetings or mediation. However, some conflicts can turn ugly.

Common issues many homeowners have with their HOAs

When you buy a home, you are probably full of excitement about plans for the future. Perhaps you want to install a pool for your kids or erect a swing set. Maybe you want to paint the house a different color or redo the landscaping. You may even have your American flag ready to hang proudly by your garage door. Before you move forward with any of these plans, you may want to check with your HOA rules.