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HOA relents in dispute with mother of autistic child

California residents who live in a homeowners association may know what its like to be in a dispute with the board. One woman was threatened with a fine for shining blue lights to raise awareness about autism. The woman has a 19-year-old son with the condition, and she says that the blue lights have been shining outside of her home for years during the month of April.

The HOA asked that she replace the blue lights with white ones. After a social media campaign resulted in a swell of support for the mother, the head of the HOA decided that the blue lights could stay. While the woman admitted that she is tired of blue by the end of each April, she realizes that her son cannot simply turn off his autism. She says that by displaying the lights, it helps her son feel included.

There are many different ways in which a person may attempt to resolve an HOA dispute. First, it may be possible to have a discussion with board members in an effort to come to a reasonable resolution. If those talks don't work, individuals may want to consider speaking with an attorney to learn more about their rights. An attorney may help a person go over the bylaws that govern the association.

If the bylaws permit a person to take a certain action, an attorney may point this out in an effort to put an end to the matter. In the event that the matter is not dropped, the next step may be to go to court. While a court date may be set, a judge may ask that all parties work with a mediator.

Source: KCBS Radio, "Mom Receives Complaints About Blue Lights For Autism Awareness", Megan Goldsby, April 12, 2019

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