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The connection between HOA woes and security clearances

These days, more potential employers and workers in California need to pass security clearances. One of the more unique factors that may be considered for security clearances is an individual's homeowner's association (HOA) disputes. The connection may seem a bit odd. However, it's not so unusual for HOA-related problems to be a contributing factor in clearance denial and revocation cases.

For instance, if an HOA dispute involves a clearance holder's failure to pay dues assessed by an HOA board, this may raise red flags during a security clearance assessment. That's because the government often considers outstanding HOA debts as a sign that a security clearance holder may not be financially responsible. How much weight HOA issues are given will depend on the nature of the dispute, the amount owed and if there is a valid reason for disputing HOA fines or charges.

Because of the broad nature of HOA rules, it's not unusual for battles to quickly escalate or become contentious. While there may be some valid reasons for homeowners to dig their heels in and fight what they perceive as an unfair HOA board, doing so may reflect poorly on a clearance holder's record.

Other times, a background investigator or adjudicator may get an earful from disgruntled neighbors within an HOA community not pleased about a homeowner not falling in line with all HOA rules. Investigators may dismiss such issues as being irrelevant or petty. But if there are numerous "little" irritations reported, neighbor interviews may carry more weight.

In order to help restore a security clearance holder's standing with a homeowner's association, an attorney could put together a strong defense. This may come in handy if there's an outstanding residential property dispute or allegations of HOA rule violations.

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