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Homeowners seeking repairs two years after storm

Those who live in California may relate to the frustration that some Colorado residents are having. In May 2017, homes in Garrison Village experienced significant damage in a hail storm. Residents are still waiting for their homes to be completely repaired. Since the storm occurred, repairs have been made to roofs but not to siding or windows that were broken and battered in its aftermath.

Repairs have come along slowly because of issues between the HOA's management company and its insurance company. Each side has a different idea as to how much it would cost to repair the damage as well as what needs to be repaired. Although the parties went to mediation in December 2018, there was no resolution to the standoff. The case has gone to a U.S. District Court, and a trial date has been set for March 2020.

Residents are getting impatient and upset that they might have to wait until then to have the damage fixed. Some are worried about the possibility of mold or other problems that could occur in the meantime. One woman said that she was tired of picking up a tarp that has blown into her yard. Others say that they just want to be able to live in a home that looks like it is suitable to reside in.

In an HOA dispute, a homeowner's top priority might be to resolve the matter in a timely manner. This may be done by negotiating in good faith with other parties either privately or during a mediation session. If these options don't work, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit. In some cases, this may be enough to get a party to work in good faith to come to an agreement that all sides find to be satisfactory.

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