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The impact of light on neighborhoods

Homeowners in California and elsewhere may find it to be annoying when light from a neighbor's house illuminates their properties as well. There are many ways in which the issue of light trespass can be resolved. The easiest solution could be to turn off lights when they are not in use. However, another solution may be to angle the lights toward the ground. If this isn't possible, a hood or shield can be used to restrict the area being illuminated.

Motion detectors can also be effective tools for limiting light pollution or light trespass. Prior to installing lights, property owners may want to discuss doing so with their neighbors. This allows a neighbor to express any concerns that he or she may have. It also allows a homeowner to make adjustments in a timely manner if issues are uncovered during this conversation. If a neighbor is committing light trespass, there is a good chance that this person is unaware of the problem.

Therefore, it is a good idea to notify them about the problem instead of staying silent. Those who install their own lights should turn them on during the early evening and take a walk around the neighborhood to see if they are committing light trespass. If there is any light spilling into a neighbor's yard changes should be made immediately.

If a neighbor dispute arises, it is generally better to for homeowners to work together to find a solution. Doing so may allow for neighbors to preserve relationships as well as find the right solution in a timely manner. However, if necessary, an attorney may be able to help a homeowner resolve a problem with another property owner. An attorney might assist in resolving the matter either through mediation or in a formal trial.

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