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How to handle arguments over property lines

Property disputes can happen in California or any other state in the country. They can occur because a tree grows too large or because a person accidentally placed a driveway or other path onto an area that didn't belong to him or her. There are many different ways that a dispute can be resolved. For example, it may be possible to get rid of a tree or plant that has grown onto a neighbor's property.

It may also be possible to grant an easement or otherwise deed the extra space to the person who is using it. If the homeowners themselves cannot come to an agreement, the problem can be resolved through mediation or a lawsuit. A survey can be done to clarify where one person's property ends and another begins. This may be used in negotiating a settlement if a dispute arises.

Homeowners may also decide to use a tree, fence or other item as an unofficial boundary between property lines. In the event that one person has been using land without complaint from a neighbor, he or she may obtain the property through adverse possession laws. However, once a person formally receives ownership of the land, that individual is responsible for maintaining it as well as any structures located there.

In many cases, a neighbor dispute doesn't need to be resolved in court or in a less than amicable manner. As long as individuals can negotiate in good faith, it may be possible to come to a solution that all parties can agree to and feel good about. However, if it is not possible to come to a solution through negotiation alone, an attorney may be able to help whether a property dispute is resolved in court or through mediation.

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