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Handling a noise complaint in a constructive manner

Disputes over noise aren't uncommon in situations where people live close together in an apartment complex or condo. However, California residents generally have a right to peace and quiet while at home. There are a few options that individuals may have when attempting to deal with a noisy neighbor. The first option is to simply explain the problem and work out a solution in a calm and reasonable manner.

In some cases, the neighbor may not have been aware that the noise was a problem before hearing the complaint. It is important to specify what the problem is when addressing the culprit. For instance, if there is loud music at night, ask that the stereo be turned down after a certain hour. In the event that a solution cannot be found, it may be necessary to make a written request with potential consequences spelled out if the problem isn't resolved soon.

Those consequences could be a noise complaint to HOA officials or a call to the police. Getting the police involved may be a good idea if a neighbor reacts violently to the suggestion that he or she is causing a problem. As a diplomatic tactic, individuals making a complaint should mention that they too make noise on occasion and will work to change their own ways as well.

In a neighbor dispute, it is generally a good idea to remain as calm as possible. An attorney could help end the dispute by analyzing facts in the case and how the law applies. Hiring an attorney may be wise for those who are letting their emotions interfere with their ability to make rational decisions. If informal talks don't work in reaching a satisfactory outcome, it might be necessary to ask a judge to make a ruling.

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