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October 2018 Archives

HOA accused of implementing racist rental policy

Residential communities in California and around the country often have strict rules that prevent residents from renting out their properties, but the legality of these policies may be challenged when their enforcement would result in discrimination based on race or national origin. A case currently working its way through the Florida court system deals with just these issues. In a lawsuit filed on Oct. 16, three property owners claim that their homeowners association instituted a rental ban primarily to force out black families.

Dealing with HOA rules during the holiday season

As the holidays approach, homeowners in Orange County may begin thinking about their holiday decor and how they would like to adorn their homes with lights, garlands and more. However, when they are part of a homeowners' association, there may be some restrictions and limitations on what they can do to show off their Halloween frights, Christmas delights or New Year's cheer.

HOA violations to watch out for

California residents and others who live in areas governed by a homeowners association need to remain current on its rules and regulations. Failure to do so could result in fines or other charges regardless of how minor the violation may seem to a homeowner. There are many common types of violations that residents may commit, such as driving too fast through the neighborhood. HOA fines could be added on top of any imposed by local authorities.

New HOA laws passed recently in California

Homeowners who live in neighborhoods and communities in which there is an HOA may be interested to learn about new laws recently passed that could affect how these organizations work. The intent of homeowners' associations is to oversee issues that can impact the look of the community and neutral spaces. The scope of an HOA's authority depends on the individual neighborhood, and homeowners need to know the rules that may affect them. 

HOA disputes on parking

Many residents of California reside within a community controlled by a homeowners association. An HOA collects dues from the residents and helps maintain the aesthetic standards for the neighborhood with the goal of preserving the value of the properties in the community.