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Resident sells property after HOA dispute

Homeowners in California and throughout the country understand the importance of a properly constructed roof. One man got a notice from his HOA after making repairs to the one on his home after a hail storm. The resident was told that permission was required prior to making repairs and that the shingles were the wrong color. According to the association's rules, they needed to be an earth tone color.

The resident pointed out that gray is an earth tone color, and he also cited the HOA's rules as it related to making repairs to a property. According to the association, residents are merely encouraged to ask for approval prior to fixing a roof as opposed to being required to do so. After a local media affiliate got involved, the man was finally given the chance to sell his home.

Although he had tried to sell for many months, he was not given a certificate of resale by the HOA. According to a representative for the association, the man's roof was deemed to be blue as opposed to gray. That person also held firm that he needed approval prior to making changes to his roof. Ultimately, the property was sold, and the man was able to move to a new location.

Those who live in homeowners associations who are involved in HOA disputes have many options when it comes to resolving them. First, it may be possible to cite statutes that refute assertions made by HOA representatives. Second, residents may try private talks or mediation to resolve the matter. Finally, an attorney may be of assistance either by helping with private settlement talks or representing a person in court. However, resolving the matter out of court may better preserve relationships between residents and members of the board.

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