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Proposed bill could limit unfair practices by California HOAs

If you live in a community with a homeowners association, you understand that these organizations can provide various benefits for those who live in the neighborhood. They can enforce rules that keep your neighbor's yard looking nice and prevent others from painting their homes odd colors that could affect the value of your own home. However, these organizations can sometimes overstep and infringe on the rights of homeowners.

Several recent cases illustrate how some HOAs are actually taking measures beyond the bounds of their authority. Homeowners often feel powerless to do anything when an HOA is acting unreasonably, but there are ways to fight back and protect your rights. There is currently a proposed bill in California that would ensure fair HOA elections and give residents voice in the governing of their own neighborhoods.

What does this bill mean for you?

One problem in many neighborhoods is that there is little oversight over HOA elections. This opens the door for issues such as unfair elections, inappropriate strategies, broken promises to homeowners and even mismanagement of neighborhood funds. One lawmaker proposed a bill that would make elections better and fair, particularly for those affected by the decisions of an HOA. 

California residents have the right to fair elections and to make their voice heard at every level of government, even in an HOA election. Proposed bill SB 1265 would put certain protections in place that would protect the interests of local homeowners and voters. Consider the following about why this bill could benefit you: 

  • HOAs often use unfair voting practices to keep certain people on the board.
  • Some HOA organizations take unfair measures to punish those who object to their practices, management of funds and rule enforcement.
  • Boards sometimes manipulate elections by failing to inform residents about times and locations of HOA elections. 

This bill would require HOAs to inform residents of when elections will take place and clearly communicate procedures. Additionally, those with specific types of felony convictions could not run or serve on an HOA board. 

Protecting your rights as a homeowner 

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of protecting your rights and striving to make your voice heard in local HOA elections. If you believe your HOA is acting unfairly or illegally against you or you want to know more about how you can protect your interests, you may find it beneficial to reach out for help and guidance.

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