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Parking enforcement company at odds with tenants

In congested residential areas such as Orange County, California, vehicle parking can be a problem. In housing developments, homeowners associations or condo associations typically hire management companies to manage and enforce parking regulations within the development. Though this is a needed service, some management companies can be an overzealous in their duties.

Such was the case in Colorado where a condominium association hired a third-party management company to enforce parking. In that development, there was a rule about tenants parking on the street for more than 48 hours at a time. Violators would have a parking boot, or wheel lock, placed on the front wheel to disable it. The offender would then have to pay several hundred dollars to have the boot removed.

In at least two instances, it appears the management company improperly disabled a vehicle. In one case, the car owner claims to have proof that the vehicle had been used in the 48-hour period in question. The proof consisted of a toll ticket for the time in question and a photograph of the vehicle taken from the toll booth.

Complaints to the management company and also to the homeowners association were reportedly met with rudeness even after proof of their mistake had been proffered. The company gave the owner of the vehicle two options: either pay a few hundred dollars to have the boot removed or wait several days for the matter to be reviewed.

When faced with an overzealous management company, an aggrieved party may have several options. First, a complaint may be made to the company in question. If unsuccessful, a complaint to the homeowners association may be in order. A review of the homeowner's association agreement is needed. It should have a provision for HOA dispute resolution. If neither option provides satisfaction, litigation may be appropriate.

Source: The Denver Channel "Tenants cry foul over 'boots,' overly aggressive parking enforcement at Commerce City condo complex," Lance Hernandez May 20, 2018.

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