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Neighbor dispute resolved by local government officials

Residents in a California town are at odds over children skateboarding on a ramp constructed on one 50-year-old man's property. The man works with children in crisis, and he says skateboarding is an activity that the children enjoy and is better for them than video games. However, one of his neighbors said that the use of the ramp creates noise and is an invasion of privacy.

The person claims that the kids can see into their yard when they use the ramp, which makes it harder to enjoy being outside. In a letter, the neighbor said that living next to something similar to an amusement park hurt the property's value. Eventually, the City Council decided that it was going to charge the man with running an illegal business out of his home. The business was the selling of skate ramps, and the neighbor presented evidence that they were being sold on Craigslist.

The man contended that he was just trying to make money to support his hobby. It was pointed out that his other neighbor had no problem with the ramp, and some members of the council urged the parties to work out their differences. It was decided that the man had to stop running his business but that he could build skate ramps on occasion.

In many cases, courts or other authorities may ask that the parties involved in a neighbor dispute try to resolve it on their own. However, if a case does go to court or through other formal channels, an individual might want to have legal assistance.

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