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April 2018 Archives

Neighbor dispute resolved by local government officials

Residents in a California town are at odds over children skateboarding on a ramp constructed on one 50-year-old man's property. The man works with children in crisis, and he says skateboarding is an activity that the children enjoy and is better for them than video games. However, one of his neighbors said that the use of the ramp creates noise and is an invasion of privacy.

Kids' swim lessons turn into homeowner dispute

For many California homeowners who live in subdivisions with a homeowners' association or HOA, they may find the regulations of the HOA butting up against their right to enjoy their property. In one case, an ongoing dispute about a small backyard swim lesson business is sparking debate and anger in the town of Sandy Springs. The City Council and around 900 parents have all become involved in the ongoing dispute.

Covenants protect property values but can be contentious

California residents who buy homes in planned communities or in developments with homeowners associations usually a sign document known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These documents place restrictions on what property owners can do with their property or limit certain types of behavior, and homeowners usually agree to them because they wish to protect their investments and avoid annoying or offensive neighbors.

Is your neighbor a nuisance -- legally?

Living in a California residential community often means you become part of a homeowners' association. More than likely, it also means that you live within close proximity to your neighbors. Your neighbor may engage in some activity that you consider a nuisance, but you don't think you can do anything about it.

Couples wins injunction from state court

The 2nd District Court of Appeal in California reversed the decision of a lower court judge in a request for an injunction against Mandalay Shores Community Association. A couple requested the injunction against a rule imposing a 30-day minimum rental period for properties in Oxnard Shores. At issue is whether the HOA followed regulations before imposing such rules in a coastal area.