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Neighbors feud after long construction project

Neighboring couples in California do not get along after one party to the dispute did work to her home over a two-year period. The noisy construction work lasted into the evening hours in some cases, and the Los Angeles Police Department had to be called many times. The neighbors have restraining orders against each other, and one woman says that the other has put vulgar words and messages on a balcony and in the front yard.

In addition to that, there was a fight caught on camera between the two men who live next to each other. The man who lives on the property with the vulgar signs says that he has a right to have and keep them there. Others who live in the area are tired of the constant noise and police activity in the neighborhood because of the dispute. The family that had the construction work done on their home says that they don't want to fight. Instead, they just want their children to avoid seeing vulgar language.

Those who are feuding with their neighbors may want to settle the dispute as quickly as possible. The sooner a dispute is resolved, the better the odds are that it can be settled in an amicable manner. In some cases, this may mean that one person allows for quiet hours overnight or avoids escalating the situation with passive-aggressive behavior.

Anyone who is involved with a neighbor dispute may benefit by talking with an attorney. It may be possible to learn more about their options both to resolve the matter in a civil manner or if they want to pursue legal action. In some cases, an attorney may be able to engage in mediation or other settlement talks to avoid having the matter go to court.

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