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Man fined for having Israeli flag

California residents may be able to relate to one man who is in a battle with his HOA over his flying of the Israeli flag. The HOA is fining him $25 a day for having it out. The man was a veteran in the Gulf War and also flies an American flag from the balcony.

A statement from Pulte Homes says that he can resubmit an application to temporarily fly the flag. The man who flew the flag said that he was only going to do so temporarily, but he now has no plans to take it down. Furthermore, the resident said that there were complaints about his use of blue lights to celebrate Passover.

As a general rule, those who live in an HOA must conform to its rules. This may mean seeking approval prior to flying flags or placing items on a home that are restricted by community leadership. In some cases, it may be possible to seek a compromise solution that may allow a resident to bypass a rule on a temporary or permanent basis. The first step in seeking a compromise may be to talk with board leadership.

However, if the matter cannot be settled through informal talks, it may be time to meet with an attorney. An attorney may be able to advise a resident of his or her rights as it relates to HOA disputes. It may also be possible to help an individual pursue action against the HOA either inside or outside of a courtroom. Legal counsel may also be able to represent those who choose to take a dispute to court to resolve.

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