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February 2018 Archives

California condo community trapped in construction dispute

Western Oaks Village, a 322-unit condominium complex in Novato, and its 121 members continue to be held in limbo by a dispute between a general contractor and a construction management firm. The contractor's claims of extortion against the management company and close to $2 million in mechanics' liens against the properties have made it impossible for residents to sell condos or refinance their mortgages for several years.

Couple takes on HOA in noise dispute

California residents may remember how elated they were to find their dream home. They might also know what it felt like to realize that their dream property was really a nightmare. One couple in Philadelphia thought that they had found their perfect home. Built in 1744, its historic roots were one of its selling points. However, an addition added in the 1960s creates noise that some find annoying.

New to a neighborhood with an HOA?

If you purchase a home in California in a neighborhood with a homeowners' association, you may not understand what that means. If you are unfamiliar with HOAs and how they work, it is helpful to educate yourself and learn more about neighborhood covenants before you sign on the dotted line.

Tall trees cast long shadow on homeowner association rules

Homeowners in California who live in restricted residential areas may find themselves at odds with neighbors when accusations arise over perceptions in homeowner association rules. A prime example of this type of occurrence can be found in a case where neighborhood residents have taken legal action against other residents who are accused of allowing their trees to grow to excessive heights.

Man fined for having Israeli flag

California residents may be able to relate to one man who is in a battle with his HOA over his flying of the Israeli flag. The HOA is fining him $25 a day for having it out. The man was a veteran in the Gulf War and also flies an American flag from the balcony.

Steps HOAs can take to deal with covenant violations

Homeowners' associations are widespread throughout California. They are tasked with enforcing the standards and covenants of their communities, but their agents must tread carefully when confronted with the need to take direct action. An uncooperative homeowner might charge an association's agents with trespassing if they attempt to perform maintenance.