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January 2018 Archives

HOA dispute divides community over fence repair

California residents who live in a development subject to the conditions of a homeowners' association can find themselves in disputes with their neighbors or HOA board about major financial decisions. For example, there can be debates about particular properties and features in the neighborhood and whether they are the responsibility of the HOA or of individual property owners.

Iowa coach's neighbor dispute headed to court

In California, real estate disputes involving neighbors and homeowners' associations can often be lengthy and combative, with all parties feeling strongly about changes that can or cannot be made to their homes and properties. These can disrupt the fabric of social life in a closely-knit community.

Violations and variances from your neighborhood's CC&R

If you live in a California neighborhood with an HOA or you are considering such a move, you may find it beneficial to learn more about the way HOAs work, including how to resolve disputes and violations. This effort is prudent for every homeowner, as it may be necessary at some point to contest the actions of an HOA or protect your interests in the event of a dispute. 

California residents don't agree with new HOA rule

Those who live in the Auburn Hills complex in Auburn, California, are required to keep their garages open for eight hours each day. According to a notice to residents, garage doors must stay up between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays. Residents who fail to comply with the order may face a hearing and a $200 fine. The rule was put in place because it was discovered that people were sleeping in a resident's garage.

HOA dispute over tree removal becomes years-long battle

Many California homeowners live in areas and communities governed by homeowners' associations, or HOAs. Various aspects of the look and maintenance of a home or outdoor area can be governed by the rules laid down by the homeowners' association. These restrictions accompany the deed to the home, but many times, people find out just how intensive they can be years after their initial investment.