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Man forced to rehome dog after HOA dispute

California residents may use therapy dogs to help them cope with a variety of physical and mental health issues. However, one man said that he had to give up his dog after a dispute with the housing complex where he lived. Representatives of MS Homeowners Association claimed that the dog was a dangerous breed and that having the pet violated its rules. Though the pit bull was not registered as a service animal, it did provide emotional support for its owner.

Its owner also claims that the dog plays with children and interacts well with other animals. Ultimately, he believes that the disputes arises from damage that was caused in a previous place he had that was associated with Great Homes Property Management. The dog was given up out of fear that future violations could result in additional fines or being forced to move.

Great Homes claimed that the man never said anything about using the dog as a therapy animal. The company also said in a statement that the man only asked about the conditions of having a dog as he knew about the dangerous breed restrictions. Among other conditions, the man would have needed to build a fence and provide evidence that his dog was not dangerous.

Those who are in a homeowners association dispute may be able to resolve the matter amicably. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to have an attorney review the matter in an effort to resolve it without needing to go to court. This could be done by engaging in private negotiations or engaging in mediation. Mediation might allow both sides to present their cases in an open forum in front of a neutral party.

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