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How to operate in an HOA setting

California residents and others that live in a property that's controlled by an HOA have several rights and responsibilities. For instance, they have the right to expect a timely response to any legitimate questions or concerns conveyed to the board. Rules and regulations should be applied equally to everyone, and anyone who is subject to discipline has the right to defend him or herself.

A person who lives in a property controlled by an HOA should be given the right to vote in elections or appoint someone to vote on his or her behalf. In the event that someone is not permitted to vote, he or she should be told why that is the case. Finally, HOA documents and other important records should be easy to access, and they should be provided without unnecessary restrictions. They should also be produced to residents in a timely manner.

The law states that individuals living in a condo must willingly give up some of their freedom of choice for the good of the community. Furthermore, the good of the group is always more important than the good of any individual. This may mean overlooking certain HOA rules to spend time dealing with more important issues. For instance, spending money on roof repairs may be more important than spending money on lawn mowing services.

Individuals who are involved in HOA disputes may wish to settle the matter in an amicable way. This may involve talking to board members or others within the community to resolve a problem. However, if necessary, it may be possible to seek the help of an attorney to resolve it. In some cases, a lawyer may help create a solution to a dispute without having to go to court. Doing so may help maintain relationships between residents and their leadership.

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