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December 2017 Archives

Jesus sign prompts neighbors to complain to HOA

Many residents in California are familiar with the restrictions imposed by homeowners' associations. Even decorations that people put up for the holidays can cause disputes. This recently happened in a Pennsylvania community where a husband and wife received a complaint about their Christmas display.

How to operate in an HOA setting

California residents and others that live in a property that's controlled by an HOA have several rights and responsibilities. For instance, they have the right to expect a timely response to any legitimate questions or concerns conveyed to the board. Rules and regulations should be applied equally to everyone, and anyone who is subject to discipline has the right to defend him or herself.

Resolving conflicts related to trees

California residents may not like that a neighbor's tree crosses over to their property. However, they are only allowed to trim or cut the portion of the tree that is in their yard. People may not take steps to cut on their neighbor's property or destroy the tree itself. Furthermore, the fruit that a tree may create belongs to the owner of the tree regardless of where the fruit itself may be located.

Homeowners should understand the ABCs of CC&Rs

If you buy or rent a home or condo, you may know that there could be certain regulations in place through a homeowners association or a condo owners association. The intent of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) are to protect the look and integrity of the neighborhood or community, but homeowners would be wise to protect themselves by learning how they work.

Man forced to rehome dog after HOA dispute

California residents may use therapy dogs to help them cope with a variety of physical and mental health issues. However, one man said that he had to give up his dog after a dispute with the housing complex where he lived. Representatives of MS Homeowners Association claimed that the dog was a dangerous breed and that having the pet violated its rules. Though the pit bull was not registered as a service animal, it did provide emotional support for its owner.

Disputes over decorations mark the holiday season

As the holiday season rolls around each December, homeowners in California and across the nation may find themselves immersed in festive music, oversized lawn decorations, twinkling lights - and neighbor disputes. In Connecticut, the residents of one neighborhood have circulated a petition asking for something to be done about a local homeowner's holiday display, which includes 350,000 lights. The 45 petitioners do not specify what type of action they would like taken in this matter.