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November 2017 Archives

Cheetos actor sues neighbor over barking dogs

The California actor behind the voice of Cheetos Chester Cheetah has sued his neighbor over barking dogs. Adam Leadbetter, along with his wife, alleged in their complaint that they have made numerous complaints to the City Hall of Los Angeles, yet nothing has been done about the noise.

HOA may have power over exterior of home

Home owners' associations are increasingly important in California communities. They create and adopt regulations that may cover anything from the types of plants allowed in a person's front yard to the amount of time a vehicle can be parked in front of a home. The declaration of covenants governing a home might allow an HOA board to restrict the display of ornaments or objects on the outside of a residence, including restrictions on wreathes, lights or other holiday objects.

Is your HOA dampening your holiday spirit?

As Christmas approaches, you may have great plans for how you will decorate your California home for the holidays. It's exciting to pull out the decorations, but before you start climbing ladders and stapling lights to your roof, it is smart to know what your homeowners association allows in terms of outside Christmas decorations.

Homeowner associations and maintenance obligations

California residents who live in condominiums are typically subject to their homeowner association (HOA) regulations. One of the most confusing situations a homeowner may face is who is responsible for repairs and general maintenance. Laws and regulations may differ if the unit is a condominium rather than a planned unit development (PUD).

Property boundaries and neighbor conflicts

Most people living in California strive to maintain good relationships with their neighbors. Unfortunately, confusion over boundary lines can sometimes lead to friction between homeowners with properties that are next to each other. Over time, this uncertainty can have severe repercussions for the parties involved.