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New product helps document noise levels

California apartment or condo dwellers may know a thing or two about dealing with noise. It isn't uncommon for neighbors to have parties or for individuals themselves to have barking dogs or air conditioning units that are loud. While it is hard to avoid noise when living in close proximity to other people, excessive noise can lead to disputes between neighbors. These disputes could become expensive depending on how far the parties involved will go to document the noise.

However, a product called NoiseAware could make it easier for individuals to know when their unit is getting too loud. If a predetermined noise threshold is breached, it will send a notice to a property owner or to a landlord. This may make it easier for those who are not always home to make sure that they aren't doing anything to annoy their neighbors.

Most people are bothered by excessive noise when it is constant or when authorities won't intervene to stop it. This is because an individual cannot necessarily control the noise that others make. By using NoiseAware, those living in close proximity to others have an easy way of documenting excessive noise and using it as evidence when making a complaint. The product costs about $150 for a condo or apartment and up to $399 for a larger unit or house.

Individuals who are engaged in a neighbor dispute may wish to first try resolving the matter outside of court. However, if other parties can't or won't negotiate in good faith, it may make sense to consult with an attorney. Making such a move doesn't mean that the matter has to be resolved in front of a judge. However, it may increase the odds that all parties work toward a favorable outcome.

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