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Man and neighbors in dispute over fence

California residents may generally do whatever they want on their property. However, their neighbors don't necessarily have to like or agree with those choices. In some cases, disputes may arise when neighbors believe that another homeowner's actions cause a mess or restrict access to a road or other areas. One Georgia homeowner has built a fence on what the owner claims is private property. The fence is partially extended over a road that is blocking access to a cul-de-sac.

A neighbor said that drivers have to turn around in his driveway or in his yard instead of using the cul-de-sac. The neighbor also said that the kids have less room to play compared to before the fence went up. Concerns were also raised about the difficulty that emergency vehicles may have if they need to access the area.

The property owner said that there were issues with people trespassing on his property. He also mentioned that he tried to put up no trespassing signs but that they didn't rectify the issue. The county where the property is located confirmed that the fence was indeed built on private property. A representative from the county expressed optimism that those who lived in the area would be able to work together to come to a solution.

In a neighbor dispute, it may be best for all sides to come to a resolution through negotiation. If necessary, it may be possible to contact an attorney for advice on how to resolve a dispute. In some cases, a lawyer could help an individual go through the mediation process as a means of avoiding litigation.

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