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How an HOA can limit a small business

California residents may choose to start their own business either as a main source of income or as what some people refer to as a "side hustle". However, it is important to understand that even small businesses run from a home are not necessarily exempt from following the law. Depending on what type of business a person chooses to run, he or she may be in violation of zoning or other laws that forbid it.

Local libraries or government websites may describe in detail what types of companies are allowed and which ones are not permitted. Those who run their business from their condo or home within an HOA may want to study association rules carefully before they begin operations. Members of the HOA board itself may be able to tell a person more about any applicable restrictions.

For instance, business owners who work outside may not be allowed to do so after a certain time of day. Individuals who display signs or other advertisements on their property may be asked to take them down if they are deemed to be an eyesore. Other bylaws may make it harder for a small business owner to operate out of his or her home or condo within the association. Individuals who are told that they are not allowed to conduct business from their home may appeal that decision.

There may be many ways for individuals to resolve an HOA dispute. In some cases, the parties themselves can work it out without any interference from board members. However, those who need legal assistance may wish to reach out to an attorney for advice. It may make it easier to resolve the matter in a timely manner without harming relationships.

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