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HOA furious over WWII Sherman tank

Homeowners associations in California and around the country sometimes find themselves embroiled in disputes despite having carefully worded rules and policies. HOA rules tend to be quite specific so that all of the parties involved know where they stand, but this can create loopholes that leave associations with little recourse when property owners act in unpredictable ways. One such matter involves a HOA in Texas that is mired in a dispute with a property owner who parked a restored World War II main battle tank in front of his Houston home.

The HOA claims that passing motorists often stop to look at or take photographs of the restored Shewrman tank, and it says that the resulting congestion is causing traffic problems and jeopardizing the safety of residents. It also maintains that the property owner's neighbors have made complaints about the iconic World War II workhorse and want it removed. However, efforts to comply with these wishes have been stymied because the HOA rules do not actually prohibit the parallel parking of tracked military vehicles on residential streets.

The property owner says that the tank will remain in front of his River Oaks Boulevard residence until he moves it to a more permanent home on an east Texas ranch, and he claims that the allegations made by the HOA ring false. He says that the tank takes up about the same amount of space as a midsized car, and he also maintains that his neighbors fully support his patriotic display and hope it becomes a permanent fixture.

Attorneys with experience in HOA disputes will likely encourage the parties involved to work toward an amicable settlement whenever possible. Protracted legal battles can lead to lingering animosity, and court actions are expensive and provide no guarantee of a successful outcome.

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