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October 2017 Archives

Man and neighbors in dispute over fence

California residents may generally do whatever they want on their property. However, their neighbors don't necessarily have to like or agree with those choices. In some cases, disputes may arise when neighbors believe that another homeowner's actions cause a mess or restrict access to a road or other areas. One Georgia homeowner has built a fence on what the owner claims is private property. The fence is partially extended over a road that is blocking access to a cul-de-sac.

How an HOA can limit a small business

California residents may choose to start their own business either as a main source of income or as what some people refer to as a "side hustle". However, it is important to understand that even small businesses run from a home are not necessarily exempt from following the law. Depending on what type of business a person chooses to run, he or she may be in violation of zoning or other laws that forbid it.

HOA furious over WWII Sherman tank

Homeowners associations in California and around the country sometimes find themselves embroiled in disputes despite having carefully worded rules and policies. HOA rules tend to be quite specific so that all of the parties involved know where they stand, but this can create loopholes that leave associations with little recourse when property owners act in unpredictable ways. One such matter involves a HOA in Texas that is mired in a dispute with a property owner who parked a restored World War II main battle tank in front of his Houston home.

HOA's role in regulating animal waste

You love animals as much as the next person. Like the majority of people in California, you probably even own a dog or cat yourself. The companionship of a pet is something most people place high in importance in their lives, and animals, especially dogs, have a way of winning the affection of even the coldest hearts.

New product helps document noise levels

California apartment or condo dwellers may know a thing or two about dealing with noise. It isn't uncommon for neighbors to have parties or for individuals themselves to have barking dogs or air conditioning units that are loud. While it is hard to avoid noise when living in close proximity to other people, excessive noise can lead to disputes between neighbors. These disputes could become expensive depending on how far the parties involved will go to document the noise.