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HOA and residents settle sign dispute

California residents may relate to what one couple experienced when he was reportedly harassed by members of his homeowners association. The husband and wife lived on a property in Colorado that was run by the Alford Meadows Community Association. The dispute between the residents and the HOA was about a painted wood pallet that looked like the colonial American flag.

The HOA initially asked the homeowners to remove their flag in a formal complaint. However, the flag was instead placed in the front yard with a sign advising potential buyers to look elsewhere. The HOA responded by filing a lawsuit and asking for an injunction that would lead to the sign and message being removed. It was reported that the resident had about 200 supporters, and one of those supporters was a state legislator.

In part because of the representative's support, legal counsel for the couple and for the HOA came to an agreement regarding the flag. It was allowed to stay as long as the message was removed. Furthermore, the Alford Meadows Community Association was not allowed to harass the man about the flag in the future. The lawsuit against the couple was dismissed with prejudice after the agreement had been reached.

Those who find themselves in a HOA dispute may be able to resolve it without going to court. However, it may still be beneficial to seek the help of legal counsel in attempting to do so. It may be possible for legal counsel to engage in informal negotiations with the HOA to come to a compromise that may be favorable to a resident. If necessary, an attorney can represent an individual in court if a matter does escalate.

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