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September 2017 Archives

Neighbor disputes over barking dogs

Most California residents genuinely want to get along with their neighbors. On occasion, however, there are situations in which conflict arises between people who live near each other. If the parties cannot resolve the problem on their own, they may end up having to turn to their landlord, homeowners association, or condo board for help. From there, the landlord or managing board may seek legal remedies.

HOA and residents settle sign dispute

California residents may relate to what one couple experienced when he was reportedly harassed by members of his homeowners association. The husband and wife lived on a property in Colorado that was run by the Alford Meadows Community Association. The dispute between the residents and the HOA was about a painted wood pallet that looked like the colonial American flag.

Governing documents and the HOA's responsiblities

Living in a California community with an HOA has many advantages, but there are times in which your relationship with this organization can become contentious in the event of a dispute. Dealing with issues and complications with your HOA is not always easy, and there are times in which it is necessary to know your rights and how to protect your interests.

Law protects political speech rights of HOA residents

More than 50,000 developments in California fall under the regulation of homeowners' associations. The passage of SB 407 resulted from ongoing incidents of association boards preventing residents from expressing their political views or engaging in political activities. The new law affirms the rights of people to engage in political speech without interference from an HOA board.

Should you take legal action against your HOA?

California homeowners who live in a neighborhood with a homeowners' association know that sometimes there are issues that can lead to a tense or even contentious relationship with the HOA. As a homeowner, you may find yourself in this situation, and you may be wondering if there is anything you can do, especially if you experienced a violation of your rights.

How to be a good HOA leader

California residents who live in a common interest community such as an HOA don't necessarily have full control over their property. Instead, they elect a group of people to make decisions on behalf of the entire community. When done properly, this may provide them with greater security and help them live a higher quality of life.