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Contention over American flag display

California residents dealing with a frustrating homeowners association might like to hear about a story involving one Florida veteran. When asked by his H.O.A. to remove an American flag wrap that covered his mailbox, he fought back. His fight with the Southwood Residential Community Association gained national attention.

The dispute started when a retired U.S. Navy officer received a letter from the H.O.A. requesting that he remove the flag from his mailbox. If he did not comply within 15 days, he faced fines and loss of community privileges. He likened the letter to bullying.

The H.O.A. initially said the flag was not in accordance with the aesthetic values in the neighborhood. The H.O.A. reportedly thought the flag was appropriate during the Fourth of July holiday but needed to be removed afterwards. The man said the flag wrap has been on his mailbox for four years.The man met with the H.O.A. and admitted he broke a rule that he did not know about by putting the wrap on the mailbox. He then explained that anyone in the community should be allowed to adorn their mailboxes with similar flags. While the veteran may be stubborn, he was also very polite. He said that he respected that the organization was just doing its job, but he disagreed that an American flag could be inappropriate. The veteran was ultimately successful in his efforts to keep the wrap on his mailbox. The organization has altered its rules to allow mailboxes to display American flag wraps.

A homeowner dispute could arise even between civil, polite members of a community. Sometimes, problems occur that do not go away and do not have an easy fix. Issues commonly take place because of landscaping projects, pets or noise restrictions. When seeking a solution, having the assistance of an attorney might be advisable.

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