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Approaches for resolving dog noise issues with a neighbor

Many dog lovers live in California, but the incessant or late-night barking of a neighbor's dog could leave a person wondering how to fix the problem. Even if a city has laws about noise, people are advised not to call the police as their opening move. The first step should be to approach the neighbor to discuss the situation.

Loneliness or lack of exercise often causes dogs to bark excessively, and the neighbor might be able to relieve the problem by getting a companion animal for the dog or providing the dog with more activity. If the neighbor does nothing to eliminate the noise, then a person could try calling the police. Filing a nuisance complaint in small claims court presents another option. To provide evidence, a person should produce a time-stamped recording of the barking. If the person wins, the dog owner might have to pay a fine.

Renters and people who belong to homeowners' associations have another route. They can take their complaints to landlords or the association. A landlord has an obligation to address noise complaints, and an association could handle the discussions with the dog owner. Associations typically have rules about pets and other sources of noise.

People who are having trouble resolving this type of a neighbor dispute could also consult an attorney. This action could educate them about local noise ordinances and the rights that they may have. An attorney could also examine HOA rules and zoning regulations about fence building that might apply to the location. After considering the variables, an attorney could recommend strategies for resolving the problem.

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