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June 2017 Archives

Unexpected bills can trigger bitter HOA disputes

Many California residents pay fees to homeowners associations each month, and they expect this money to be spent wisely. They also expect a certain degree of transparency from their HOAs, and unexpected bills or unannounced fee hikes can lead to bitter disputes and protracted litigation. Matters can become particularly thorny when the costs of improvement projects spiral out of control or work has to be halted due to budgetary constraints.

Diplomatic immunity may apply in HOA disputes

California residents may be aware that the staff of foreign embassies and consulates are protected from prosecution for all but the most serious crimes by diplomatic immunity. However, they may not know that this privilege may also extend to shield diplomats from liability in civil actions, such as homeowners association disputes. The concept of diplomatic immunity dates back to ancient times, and it has been recognized in the United States since the late 18th century.

Approaches for resolving dog noise issues with a neighbor

Many dog lovers live in California, but the incessant or late-night barking of a neighbor's dog could leave a person wondering how to fix the problem. Even if a city has laws about noise, people are advised not to call the police as their opening move. The first step should be to approach the neighbor to discuss the situation.

Did you buy your house with the hopes of making it your own?

You may be one of the many California residents who purchased a home in order to make it your own. You can paint the walls, decorate any way you like and otherwise put your personal touch on it. You may want to put up a fence for your pets, paint the exterior of your home or finally have a place to park your RV or boat.

Why legal counsel may be worthwhile during HOA disputes

While it may be possible for California residents to represent themselves in cases against homeowners association boards, it may not be the best strategy. This is because a case against an HOA may be a complicated one. It is possible for a board to argue that the claim is derivative. This means others may experience a negative outcome if a single case is dismissed or doesn't result in a positive outcome for a single plaintiff.

HOA angers residents with flag display restrictions

Many property owners in California understand the power that homeowners' associations wield over their residents. Flags have now become a bone of contention, joining such problems as lawn ornaments and vehicles parked in driveways. A man in one community in Georgia claims that his association is treating the display of U.S. flags like they are Christmas decorations. Veterans within the community have been vociferous about their complaints after an email outlined the restrictions that limited flying U.S. flags to only 23 days in the year.