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April 2017 Archives

Resolving fair housing paradoxes

A California homeowners association is generally subject to both federal and state Fair Housing Laws. This means that children cannot be banned from an HOA or given restrictions that don't apply to adults. However, senior communities are typically exempt from these laws. While familial discrimination is largely forbidden by such laws, there may be a loophole in California's state provision.

Homeowners' rights you may not know about

Living in a development managed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) may have its benefits and drawbacks. Indeed, you may enjoy the benefit of living in an area with professionally manicured trees, shrubs and lawns which may add to your real estate values; but you may also have to live and abide by some arcane rules about uniformity in order to preserve the development’s character.

Developers sued over sinking California condominium

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against developers over a California condominium that has been sinking. Dubbed the "Leaning Tower of San Francisco", it had been predicted by the project's engineer that the building would sink a maximum of six inches. However, when the building was completed in 2008, it had already sunk that far. The San Francisco City Attorney, Dennis Herrera, says that the developer was aware of this before the condominiums were sold but did not tell buyers.

Understanding HOA fees, assessments and penalties

California residents who are members of a homeowner's association are probably fully aware that if they fail to pay their dues, they will face hefty penalties. In fact, some HOA boards will threaten foreclosure even if the member has been paying his or her mortgage payments on time. Then, if the HOA board hires an attorney, the member's penalties could be significantly increased.