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February 2017 Archives

How property owners can deal with an HOA board

In California, homeowners may belong to an HOA that has certain rules about how homes are kept. However, if an HOA won't enforce its rules or leaves those who file complaints open to retaliation, it may have an effect on property values. It may also have an effect on how marketable a given unit or property may be.

HOAs and maintenance obligations

California homeowners' associations often have a variety of documents that establish certain rights and obligations for the individual property owners as well as the HOA's board of directors. One issue that will usually be addressed is the responsibility of maintenance and payment of repair costs. However, the language in these documents is often unclear and confusing.

So, You Have Some Questions About Your California HOA?

Many California homeowners live in neighborhoods governed by a Homeowners Association, or a Common Interest Development. These associations create bylaws for the individual subdivisions under their umbrellas, and homeowners who purchase properties within their developments are obligated to comply with their rules, regulations and procedures.

Lakefront homeowners battle state over shoreline dispute

The nonprofit association Save Our Shores Donner Lake is taking a California agency to court over a land dispute. The association's lawsuit against the State Lands Commission argues that Donner Lake is not navigable and the high water mark recognized by the state is not in the correct location.

The complications of facing off with your homeowner's association

As a California homeowner, you may believe that you have the right to do what you want with your home and your property, but do you really? It can be frustrating when your homeowner's association will not approve a project, infringes upon your rights or prevents you from making decisions about your home. Disputes with your HOA are daunting, and some complex issues require the assistance of an experienced attorney.

HOA fees and collections

Homeowners associations and homeowners sometimes have disputes about fees. While HOAs depend on their fees in order to continue, the fees must follow the mandates of California's Davis-Stirling Act. Homeowners who believe that their fees are excessive might need help fighting against them, and HOAs that are having trouble collecting their fees may need to mount an aggressive but legal collections approach.