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January 2017 Archives

Man fights HOA over $500 mailbox mandate

Many California property owners live in neighborhoods that are regulated by homeowners associations. HOA boards are given the authority to create mandates about property features and impose fines on property owners that do not comply with them. However, questions about how much power an HOA should be allowed to have are often the subject of litigation.

Neighborhood dispute over short-term rentals continues

A California community has been in a long-standing dispute over banning short-term rentals. The neighborhood, Oxnard Shores, has become a popular place for short-term renters due to its prime location near the waterfront.

Enforcement of CC&Rs and resolutions for violations

Most California homeowners' associations have procedures for enforcing and resolving violations of the covenants, conditions and restrictions that they create. Each declaration spells out the requirements for internal notices and hearings.

Consider HOA regulations before buying a home

Prospective California home buyers who are interested in a community development may want to consider whether they are comfortable with its homeowners association regulations before moving ahead with the purchase. Designed to maintain a level of functionality and uniformity, the HOA may regulate the use and care of a development's shared amenities as well as the portions of its neighborhood that are privately owned.