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December 2016 Archives

Dual-agent realtors owe fiduciary duties to buyers and sellers

When some buyers look for homes, they use the same realtors who are representing the sellers in order to complete their deals. A November ruling by the California Supreme Court says that realtors who fill dual roles in real estate transactions owe fiduciary duties to both the buyers and sellers who are involved in the deals.

Why new home buyers should read the HOA agreement

Buying a house in California can be a complicated process that is especially confusing for first-time purchasers. During the process, many new buyers sign homeowner's association agreements without reading through them carefully. HOA agreements are especially common in condos and housing developments, and some of the provisions contained in these agreements can feel a bit restrictive for some people.

Corporate Suspension and the Homeowners' Association

California corporations, including homeowners' associations, must register with the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State assigns the organization a number and then they are required to file a Statement of Information every two years.

Disputes about architectural change requests

If you are involved in the operation of a California homeowners association or an owner of a house that is governed by a California HOA, you are probably aware it is likely that any architectural changes to homes that are governed by the HOA must first get approved. It is common for disputes about requested architectural changes to arise between property owners and HOAs.

Holiday decorations and homeowners assocations

Many California homeowners are members of homeowners associations. A neighborhood HOA places restrictions on home appearances and activities that might affect the whole neighborhood. Some of the covenants, codes and restrictions that are typically enforced by HOAs pertain to pets, landscaping, outbuildings, children's play structures and paint colors.