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Professional surveys can prevent neighbor disputes

It is important for property owners in California to have a professional survey done for many different reasons. A professional survey will confirm where a property's boundary lines are, whether any boundary lines are being encroached on and whether anyone owns an easement that affects the property. While a survey may be used to settle neighbor disputes, it is a good idea to get a survey before property description issues turn into legal problems.

Many property owners have surveys done in order to determine the exact location of boundary lines before they build a fence, pave a driveway or put an addition onto their home. A survey may also let property owners know about the legal obligations that they might have to maintain joint driveways or fences. If a person's property blocks a neighbor's access to a road, a survey may show that the two property owners have an agreement that allows one neighbor to walk across the other's property.

Most property owners know basic information about their property's zoning classification, but a survey can let a property owner know about the specific zoning restrictions that they are obligated to comply with. Though it is not very common, a survey can tell a property owner whether their land was ever home to an old cemetery. The location of electrical, water, gas and telephone lines can also be determined with a survey.

A neighbor dispute may arise if one property owner is not honoring boundary lines or complying with a property agreement or easement. Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney may be advisable when seeking to resolve this type of real estate dispute.

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