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November 2016 Archives

Professional surveys can prevent neighbor disputes

It is important for property owners in California to have a professional survey done for many different reasons. A professional survey will confirm where a property's boundary lines are, whether any boundary lines are being encroached on and whether anyone owns an easement that affects the property. While a survey may be used to settle neighbor disputes, it is a good idea to get a survey before property description issues turn into legal problems.

Seeking a professional manager for a Homeowners Association

A homeowners association can be a complicated entity. On one hand, they are responsible for the upkeep of the neighborhood's green spaces, playgrounds, pools, and tennis courts. On the other hand, people often have horror stories about dealing with a homeowners association that won't stop nagging them for dues or other violations of the neighborhood's supposed policies.

Home seller disclosure rules

When homeowners in California decide it's time to move, they usually hope for a quick sale. While a well-maintained, good-looking residents and a qualified real estate agent can help ensure this, home sellers are obligated to disclose certain information about their properties.

Ways to resolve a land encroachment

In real estate terms, an encroachment occurs when a homeowner builds a new structure onto another person's property. One way for California homeowners to deal with the issue is to not make an issue of it at all. This may be a good way to preserve relationships with neighbors. However, the encroachment is something that an individual will want to disclose to a future buyer if the house is ever put up for sale.

Solving animal-related disputes among neighbors

While people have a right to own animals, they also have a responsibility to keep their pets or livestock from injuring or becoming a nuisance to their neighbors. California residents who are having an animal-related dispute with their neighbors know how frustrating it can be.