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Homeowners' associations and repair disputes

Californians sometimes get into disputes with their neighbors or their homeowners' associations over maintenance and repairs. Such disputes can be very complicated when the bylaws of the homeowners' association do not clearly define what property is commonly owned and which is separately owned.

If you are involved in a dispute with another homeowner or with your homeowners' association, you may have trouble with reaching a satisfactory resolution. Your property may have been damaged, and you might be facing difficulty with securing money for the needed repairs from the other property owner. The other property owner might be arguing that the damaged property is a common area and not yours in an attempt to avoid payment.

In some cases, a homeowners' association may be unclear about whether the property is communal or separate. Determining who is responsible for the payment of repairs to damaged property may sometimes require investigation and a good understanding of the legal terminology contained in the bylaws of the HOA. You may be able to resolve your case through negotiation. If you are not able to reach an agreement, you may have to file a lawsuit.

Our firm is led by an experienced homeowners' association attorney who understands how difficult maintenance and repair disputes can be to resolve. We represent HOAs and separate property owners, helping our clients to negotiate settlements so that the repairs can be made. If settlements cannot be reached, we will take our clients' matters to litigation in order to try to resolve them successfully. If you have a maintenance and repair dispute with a neighbor, you may want to review the information that we have gathered on our page on the subject.

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