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September 2016 Archives

Homowners association digs up woman's rose bush

People who live in condominiums and gated communities in California are usually obligated to pay dues to a Homeowners Association. In exchange for membership dues, an HOA will maintain the common grounds in a planned community and enforce the rules that members are supposed to follow. HOA rules may govern things like how homes can be painted, how properties can be landscaped and whether members can build sheds on their properties.

Standing up to your homeowner's association board

Many homeowners moving into a townhouse development for the first time are surprise to learn that many things they used to take for granted in their single-family home on the old cul-du-sac are now restricted by covenants of the homeowner's association (HOA).

Neighbor disputes over water damage

Water damage can be the cause of some bitter neighbor disputes in California. Though a lot of water damage is due to natural weather forces and land conditions that cannot be controlled, a property owner can still be found liable for water damage on their neighbor's property in some instances.