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Looking for some clarification on HOA board meetings?

If you've been a property owner in a California planned residential community for more than a brief period, you've likely given a bit of thought occasionally to the HOA board meetings that are periodically conducted and that intimately affect you and other association members.

And you've perhaps felt from time to time that you -- and perhaps some of your fellow residents -- are less than crystal clear regarding the policies and procedures applicable to those meetings.

You'd hardly be alone with that impression, given that board and member meetings are frequently cited by property owners -- and board members as well -- as matters that require clarification.

To wit: Are association members entitled to attend all board meetings? If they have something to communicate at a meeting that they think is widely relevant to community residents, are they unrestricted in their ability to stand up and fully state their concerns? What happens if a board takes some material action that has not been discussed and vetted at a formal meeting; can it do that?

These are the types of questions that drive many association and board members to seek consultation with an experienced homeowners association attorney who has a demonstrated record of representation in matters that centrally concern planned communities.

As to those above posed questions, we answer them on a page of our website discussing Association board/member meetings at the Mission Viejo law firm of Home Owner Advocates.

We have provided knowledgeable and impassioned legal guidance and representation to homeowners associations and property owners for decades, and always look forward to promoting the best interests of new clients.

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