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Handling neighbor disputes

Dealing with a neighbor dispute in California can be very frustrating, whether you are a homeowner involved in the dispute or are instead a homeowners association that is trying to deal with one. When you live next door to someone with whom you don't get along, the conflicts can be ongoing and can escalate, leaving you wondering whether and when the dispute will end.

You do have legal options for dealing with your dispute. It is possible that you and your neighbor might be able to arrive at a resolution through mediation. In other cases, litigation may be necessary.

these types of disputes may take many forms. Your neighbor may have failed to properly maintain his or her property, creating an eyesore and lowering property values. In some cases, disputes arise when neighbors erect buildings or fences that block scenic views. In others, neighbors sometimes constantly are noisy at night while you are trying to sleep. Your neighbor may have erected a fence that you believe lies within your property line, or he or she may have damaged your property. Whatever the nature of your dispute may be, it is possible to resolve it so that you can move forward and regain peace.

At our law firm, we represent both homeowners and homeowners associations in order to help resolve disputes between neighbors. We begin each case by analyzing what has happened and what is continuing to occur. Often, we are able to help our clients resolve their matters short of litigation. In cases in which litigation is necessary, we fight for our clients at hearings through the court process to try to help them obtain relief. If you have questions about your own neighbor dispute, you might want to read our Mission Viejo HOA neighbor disputes page.

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