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July 2016 Archives

Now, here's a conflict: downsizers versus developers spar

Indeed, an ongoing spat in a Southern California community between opponents of a development project and a company that wants to start moving earth as soon as possible is, as noted by a writer covering it in a media piece, "especially interesting."

Opinion piece: what legislators might reasonably consider re HOAs

A guest columnist lamented recently in an Orange County publication that, although California legislators do frequently focus on homeowners association-related matters, the topics that take up their time are often trivial, if not inconsequential.

Who's really in charge when the HOA is a volunteer board?

To keep HOA and condo association fees at a minimum, townhouse and condo developments frequently elect to become self-governing. While recruiting homeowners to serve their time on the volunteer board will no doubt save money, it is not without legal problems and disputes that arise.