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June 2016 Archives

Mainstay in lease disputes: improperly withheld security deposits

Well, the facts seem fairly clear on this, to wit: If you want a comparatively higher chance as an Orange County apartment lessee of getting your full security deposit back at the end of your lease term, you might consider renting from the county's largest landlord, Irvine Co.

Is Your HOA Handling The Reserve Funds Correctly?

Few disputes between homeowners and HOA boards are more controversional than special monthly fee assessments applied toward a community project, particularly when the reserve fund to handle unexpected costs has been mishandled. Under provisions of the new Davis-Sterling Act, HOA Boards in California must meet certain requirements regarding their reserve funds.

HOA musings: things to think about before you move in

As is so often true regarding a property owner's diatribe against a homeowners association and/or neighbors living in a planned community, it's those darned covenants and restrictions that emerge front and center as subjects of scorn and vitriol.