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Disputes between HOAs and property owners: leveling the field

In any municipal area featuring a scheme of planned communities, there is bound to be conflict between property owners and organizations that oversee those environs and administer relevant rules and regulations.

That would render the Orange County locale of Mission Viejo writ large in any discussion of such conflict or circumstance where it plays out in an actual way, given the city's singular status as a colossus and pioneer in planned developments nationally.

One online reference to Mission Viejo terms it "one of the largest master-planned communities ever built under a single project in the United States."

And thus so-called homeowners associations dot the landscape, with HOA board members playing a governing role across a wide universe of issues and considerations.

That can sometimes become a bit frustrating -- and even flatly untenable -- for individual property owners or an aligned group of such parties who feel they have legitimate grievances against an HOA board for the dictates it lays down regarding housing covenants, restriction and other important matters.

Over time, property-related disputes simply tend to occur between board officials and individual board members. As we note on our website at Home Owner Advocates (a Mission Viejo legal practice dedicated to protecting the rights of property owners in planned communities), disputes are especially likely to occur "when individual Board members decide to interpret covenants and restrictions their own way."

HOA/individual member relationships are not unilateral, nor has relevant state law addressing them ever considered them to be so. Property owners have a panoply of strong and well-established rights, and a proven attorney deeply steeped in the Davis-Stirling Act and related laws acting on their behalf can help ensure that those rights are acknowledged and protected.

That is the overriding goal of Home Owner Advocates in every case we take on behalf of a property owner.

Our future blog posts will routinely seek to deliver meaningful and timely information to homeowners in planned communities across Orange County and other parts of Southern California. We warmly welcome readers.

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