HOA Attorney For Resolving Disputes With Neighbors

People move into townhouse developments and condominiums from all areas of life. Living in houses attached at the wall or sharing common outdoor spaces often leads to disputes among even the friendliest neighbors. Expectations between people differ and the homeowners association (HOA) bylaws don't always make it clear what behavior will be accepted, particularly when it comes to noise and pet restrictions.

An Experienced HOA Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Home Owner Advocates focuses on resolving conflicts between HOA boards and individual property owners. If you are currently involved in a neighbor dispute in your development or condominium in Mission Viejo or the surrounding communities, call to schedule an initial consultation with attorney Dean E. Smart.

Disputes among neighbors can be highly disruptive for both property owners, and the matter is more complicated when the neighbors live in a community that is governed by a homeowners association. Dean has been using his knowledge of California's HOA laws to resolve neighbor disputes for nearly 30 years.

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