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At Home Owner Advocates, we understand what it means to find yourself in a conflict with your homeowners association or condo association (HOA). Despite the Davis-Stirling Act, passed by the California legislature to govern the operations of HOAs throughout California, HOA boards continue to suppress the rights of members when it comes to enforcing covenants, conditions and restrictions.

Attorney Dean Smart has been a successful real estate lawyer involved in HOA conflict resolution and enforcement actions in Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities throughout Southern California for nearly 30 years. Today, he focuses his knowledge and experience on protecting the rights of homeowners.

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Efficient, Cost-Effective Resolution Of HOA/Owner Disputes

Disputes between HOA boards and homeowners, townhouse neighbors and local communities are common. These disputes can turn nasty very quickly, because they involve an individual's most fundamental source of rest and solitude – his or her home. When the HOA's governing documents are vague, both property owners and HOA Boards may find that they are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. At this point it becomes imperative that you retain a highly qualified HOA Law attorney.

Turn to the HOA law firm homeowners have been trusting since we opened our doors in 1987. Dean Smart represents parties in a wide variety of HOA disputes, including (but not limited to) the following matters:

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