HOA Attorney For Resolving Architectural Approval Disputes

There is perhaps no bigger area of dispute between homeowners and homeowners association (HOA) Boards than approval or disapproval over architectural and landscaping matters. As board membership changes, interpretations of restrictive covenants change, as well. A project approved by homeowners in years past may no longer meet the architectural committee's approval.

An HOA Dispute Resolution Lawyer With Nearly 30 Years Of Experience

If you are a homeowner in an HOA in Mission Viejo or the surrounding communities, and have been notified of an enforcement action related to an architectural or landscaping restriction, bring you letter to us, Home Owner Advocates. Attorney Dean E. Smart has been involved in real estate and HOA dispute resolution between HOA and members since 1987. He has an in-depth understanding of the Davis-Stirling Act that governs HOA regulations in California. He quickly gets to the heart of the dispute and has an excellent record of successful resolutions.

What Do The Documents Say — And How Have They Been Interpreted?

Too often, individual members of the board take it upon themselves to "tighten up" the rules by changing the application process. HOA architectural covenants regarding project approval from the board (or it's assigned committee) must be clearly written, and the process must be reasonable and fair.

The Davis-Stirling Act (1986) requires that the HOA must:

  • Set forth the procedure for submitting an application for architectural approval
  • Make their decision in good faith and with no regards to personal discrimination against the homeowner
  • Must not violate the Fair Employment and Housing Act when making their decision

If You Have Had Your Application Denied By Your Board's Architecture Committee
If your HOA board has denied your application for architectural changes, you must be provided a detailed explanation outlining the reason for denial, as well as the process for appealing the decision.

Pride In Our Knowledge Of HOA Laws In Mission Viejo

We take great pride in providing reliable and accessible legal counsel for all of our clients. Attorney Smart possesses the skills and experience necessary to help you resolve your dispute quickly and effectively.

If you are in a dispute over an architectural approval with your HOA, call us at 866-382-9335 to schedule an initial consultation with attorney Dean Smart as soon as possible.