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Homeowner associations and maintenance obligations

California residents who live in condominiums are typically subject to their homeowner association (HOA) regulations. One of the most confusing situations a homeowner may face is who is responsible for repairs and general maintenance. Laws and regulations may differ if the unit is a condominium rather than a planned unit development (PUD).

Neighbor disputes over barking dogs

Most California residents genuinely want to get along with their neighbors. On occasion, however, there are situations in which conflict arises between people who live near each other. If the parties cannot resolve the problem on their own, they may end up having to turn to their landlord, homeowners association, or condo board for help. From there, the landlord or managing board may seek legal remedies.

Can HOAs have rules banning people with criminal records?

Many Californians live in homes that are governed by homeowners associations. HOAs are able to set certain rules and guidelines that the covered homeowners are expected to follow. However, there are some rules that HOAs are unable to make.

Contention over American flag display

California residents dealing with a frustrating homeowners association might like to hear about a story involving one Florida veteran. When asked by his H.O.A. to remove an American flag wrap that covered his mailbox, he fought back. His fight with the Southwood Residential Community Association gained national attention.

Understanding the Davis-Stirling Act and HOAs

California homeowner associations are required to comply with the Davis-Stirling Common Development Interest Act, a complex piece of state legislation that contains more than 100 statutes. When HOA disputes arise, the law provides some potential remedies to the parties while other statutes under the act provide no penalties for violations.

Pending legislation would ensure homeowners have free speech

California property owners who are part of a homeowners association might be interested in proposed legislation that could affect their rights as part of a common interest development. The bill, written by state Senator Bob Wieckowski, would secure free speech rights to persons living in such a development, including the right to peaceful assembly, the right to free communication within the community and the right to distribute information or gather for educational, social or political reasons.

Bill targets HOA disputes over speech suppression

California residents subject to the rules of homeowner associations may soon see a significant change in non-solicitation policies. Those policies have allowed HOAs to block political efforts among their residents by imposing fines and issuing commands. Some residents may agree with these policies as they impact political speech, but others feel strongly about their free speech rights. Citizen testimony was one factor in the movement of legislation preventing HOA infringement of free speech rights through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

California HOA brings lawsuit against developer

In California, a homeowners’ association, or HOA, is subject to federal and state laws regarding housing discrimination and other issues. Within those legal parameters, however, an HOA has quite a lot of leverage, as a recent story illustrates.

Homeowners' rights you may not know about

Living in a development managed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) may have its benefits and drawbacks. Indeed, you may enjoy the benefit of living in an area with professionally manicured trees, shrubs and lawns which may add to your real estate values; but you may also have to live and abide by some arcane rules about uniformity in order to preserve the development’s character.

Do you have a valid complaint against your HOA?

If you live in a California neighborhood or community with a homeowner's association (HOA), you may find yourself in a situation at some point in which you are involved in a disagreement with your HOA. Whether it is regarding a tree in your yard or the color of paint on your house, you would be wise to know your rights and know how to effectively handle HOA-homeowner disputes.